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Angry Birds Danger Above Walkthrough – Theme 7

This is a guide for Angry Birds Danger Above Theme 7 along with its 15 levels, in order to help you master those angry birds.

Angry birds Danger Above 3 star Walkthrough – Level 7-1 to 7-5

Angry Birds Walkthrough 7-1

1. Aim the first black bird towards the corner of the tallest structure. The blocks will explode and fall on the pig at the back.

2. Aim the second bird towards the middle of the front structure. This will kill three of the pigs.

3. Aim the third black bird at the pile of blocks to the left of the middle tower. Upon explosion the blocks will be destroyed along with one pig.

4. Aim at the last bird at the corner of the blue blocks housing the last pig.

Angry Birds Walkthrough 7-2

1. Aim the first bird between the fifth and sixth box. The bird will then roll backward and explode, killing all of the pigs located in that area.

2. Aim the second black bird between the first and second boxes. This will roll again towards the back leading to an explosion that will kill most of the pigs except the one at the front.

3. Aim the last bird towards the remaining bird at the front.

Angry Birds Walkthrough 7-3

1. Aim the first bird at the top of the front incline.

2. Aim the second bird at the bottom of the tallest structure. This will topple the whole structure and kill the pigs there.

3. Aim the third bird at the front of the last remaining structure housing two pigs.

Angry Birds Walkthrough 7-4

1. Aim the bird towards the back of the structure just before the pile of blocks.

2. Aim the second bird at the spot destroyed by the first bird. Tap the screen at the designated position so it will turn back and kill one pig.

3. Release the last bird and tap the screen at the right spot so it will turn back and kill the last pig located at the bottom part of the screen.

Angry Birds Walkthrough 7-5

1. Aim the first pig towards the wooden blocks the front of the structure. This will destroy the blocks, but will not kill any pigs.

2. Aim the second bird at the bottom of the front structure. This will kill the pig on top.

3. Aim the third part at the bottom of the remaining structure to weaken it.

4. Aim the fourth bird at the bottom of the remaining structure. This will topple the blocks and kill all of the pigs except one.

5. Aim the last bird at the remaining pig.


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